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Sunday, 21 April 2019
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Android Poker Sites

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The mobile phone industry is booming with new phones arriving practically by the day. When Google came up with its Android smartphone, there were few buyers at first, but once the word got around about the efficiency of the Android, the market suddenly flourished with takers for the smartphones. Today, Android smartphones rule a major portion of the mobile phone market. With the growing popularity of smartphones, the demands of the users grew as well. This extended to a search for Android poker sites that could be accessed on the go.

Online poker rooms on their part were quick to recognize this need and soon engaged in developing poker software for Android phones. Initial efforts at this were not very great. Moreover, the small size of the screen and slow loading of games and other shortcomings upset mobile poker players. Poker sites continued to upgrade and improve their poker client for a better experience for its players. Smartphone manufacturers too worked on various aspects of their phones and together they were able to come up with solutions to enhance the experience of Android poker sites.


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The quest for further enhancements continues even today. Android phones were the first to be catered to where online poker is concerned. You will find more online poker rooms catering to Android users than those using iOS, iPhones & iPads. Moreover, playing on your Android device is much simpler in comparison to iPhones and iPads, as these devices do not support third party software and have restrictive policies. You will notice that more and more Android poker sites are coming up with either a dedicated app or in-browser play facility.

While dedicated apps certainly have an edge over in-browser play, you can use the latter option if you do not wish to download an app. In-browser play or instant play as it is called, you play directly from your browser. This eliminates the need for any kind of download. However, this is not the best option to access an online poker room, as functions are restricted and not all poker games are available. If storage space on your Android smartphone is not a problem, then you would be better off using dedicated apps of Android poker sites that offer them.

Another significant development in Android poker is that with dedicated poker room apps, you can now play for real money. During its infancy, only free play poker games were available, which although good for beginners, were not at all happening for experienced players. They wanted to be able to play real cash games, just like they did via their PC and nothing less would please them. With dedicated apps, the perspective has changed completely, as players can now play real money games at some of their favorite Android poker sites.

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Development is still underway as important features like multi-tabling is not available to smartphone users. As of now, they can play only one table at a time. However, some of the online poker rooms have introduced a unique feature called Fast Fold Poker or Speed Poker, which has changed the scenario completely. This is the most innovative and fun way to play online poker. The format allows players to fast fold a hand and be instantly moved to a new table with new players and a new hand. Android poker sites offering this format of play have become really popular with Android users.

The idea of this format is to eliminate the waiting time between hands. Players can get very bored as waiting time between hands is indefinite. With the Speed Poker format, there is continuous action and players are moved from one table to the other with lightning speed. All they need to do is fast fold their hand and they are almost immediately whisked to the next table. Fast Fold poker has revolutionized poker gaming for mobile users, making it the most enjoyable way to play Hold’em at their chosen Android poker sites that offer the feature.

Although there are several places to play online poker, some of the renowned online poker rooms that you could try out are 888 Poker, PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Party Poker among various others. Besides fast fold poker, there are a number of other features that make your gameplay fun and rewarding. You can take advantage of regular promotions plus promotions that are designed especially for Android users. If you are concerned about data usage, you will be happy to know that the Android poker sites apps use very little data. Just play your favorite cash games and tournaments to your hearts content!



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