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Andy Bloch

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Andy Bloch is an exceptional poker player who’s made a career of cashing at major tournaments around the world. Born June 1, 1969, Andy Bloch only played poker as a pastime game for many years before turning his sights to more profitable tournament play.

In his younger years, it was Andy Bloch’s goal to enter law school. Poker was merely a way to pass the time and make a few extra dollars while working his way through college. Bloch did finish his knowledgeable goals, obtaining two degrees in electrical engineering from MIT, as well as a an impressive law degree from Harvard, but not without a few poker-related road blocks.

In 1997, Andy Bloch actually skipped the last week of law school to participate in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event, where he played ‘guinea pig’ for a trial run of a low-card cam operation. This being a successful venture, Andy Bloch was featured in a two-part article of CardPlayer Magazine.

Again, in 1999, Andy Bloch put his intended law career on the back burner to pursue professional poker. Though he had only cashed in one major event up to this point, earning a mere $5,558, Andy Bloch felt this was the appropriate choice at the time – and a good choice it turned out to be!

Residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, Andy Bloch has earned more than $2,900,000 over his outstanding professional poker career, cashing well over 50 times with 8 1st place victories in major poker tournaments.

Andy Bloch and the WSOP
In the 1996 World Series of Poker, Andy Bloch made his first cash in a major poker event, finishing in Event #3 Limit 7 Card Stud to pocket $5,558. It wasn’t until May of 2000 that Andy, after putting his law career on hold, skillfully made his way back into a cashing position in the WSOP, this time taking 12th place in Event #8 No-Limit Hold’Em for a $9,505 purse.

In 2001, Andy entered the WSOP again, this time cashing twice in Events #11 (5th place) and #13 (6th place), Limit 7 Card Stud and Limit Razz respectively. Bloch earned a combined total of $26,810.

Andy Bloch virtually fell off the WSOP radar from this point until 2005, when he took 1st place in WSOP Circuit Event #4 at the Rio Las Vegas Poker Tournament. Andy was awarded $25,495 for this victory, and went on to claim a small cash of $1,625 for a 95th position finish in the 2005 WSOP Event #3, Pot Limit Hold’Em, just 3 months later.

In 2006, Andy finished in 7th place in two WSOP Circuit Events, Harrahs Rincon Poker Tournament in March and Caesars Las Vegas Poker Tournament in May, earning $51,775 and $10,000 respectively. Entering the 2007 WSOP one month later, Andy Bloch cashed at five events, including a whopping $1,029,600 for his 2nd place finish in Event #20, No-Limit H.O.R.S.E.

Andy earned another two cashes in the 2007 WSOP worth nearly $100,000 combined, but has yet to take home a WSOP Bracelet.

Andy Bloch and the WPT
Andy Bloch’s World Poker Tour (WPT) achievements started in the first season of the WPT, claiming $42,920 for a 1st place triumph in Event #16, Limit 7 Card Stud, at the World Poker Finals. Two days later, Andy earned $578 for a 12th place finish in event #18, Limit S.H.O.E. That cash paled significantly, however, to the victory Andy Bloch earned 5 days later on November 17, 2002, finishing in 3rd place at Event #19, No-Limit Hold’Em, for a prize of $102,350. Andy cashed twice more in WPT Season 1, claiming two 3rd place purses, first at the Euro Finals of Poker for $60,184, then again at the L.A. Poker Classic for $125,460.

In 2003, Bloch earned 7 cashed in the second season of the WPT, including two WPT Championship cashes at the Five-Star World Poker Classic. The next year, Andy Bloch earned 3 cashes in the WPT, the most significant being a $46,498 purse for 13th place finished in the L.A. Poker Classic, WPT Main Event of No-Limit Hold’Em.

Andy’s last WPT wins came in 2005 during the 4th season of the World Poker Tour. Neither wins were particularly significant, earning a grand total of under $20,000.

Andy Bloch and the Ultimate Poker Challenge
Andy placed for the money in the Ultimate Poker Challenge 6 times spanning the ’04 and ’05 seasons. In the 2004 Plaza Ultimate Poker Challenge, Andy took a 1st place prize of $13,500, followed by $1,800 for 4th place finish, and another $8,000 for finishing in 6th. All three events were No Limit Hold’Em.

The 2005 Ultimate Poker Challenge saw Andy Bloch once again earning 3 cashes, but this time he was playing with lady luck on his shoulder. On July 13th, Bloch took 7th place for $6,425. Twelve days later, Andy skillfully took down the table for a 1st place, $167,500 victory. At the Ultimate Poker Challenge No Limit Hold’Em Championship held in November, Andy worked his way into 8th place, earning a purse of $21,340.

Andy Bloch’s Other Achievements
October 1, 2004, Andy Bloch found himself the 1st place victor of the Hot Tex, No-Limit Poker tournament, awarding $102,750.

March 4, 2007 set the scene for the NBC National Heads Up Championship, a No Limit Hold’em event, where Andy Block took the 5th position for a prize of $75,000.

The Pro-Am Equalizer, broadcast on ESPN in early 2007, saw Andy Bloch going head to head with the amazing poker skills of Phil Laak. Andy’s talents eventually prevailed, sending Laak to the rails and Bloch home with the grand prize of $500,000. Bloch donated $100,000 of his Pro-Am Equalizer winnings to charity.

Andy Bloch and Full Tilt Poker
Andy Bloch is a proud member of Team Full Tilt, a group of outstanding poker players who can be found playing poker online exclusively at Full Tilt Poker. Andy Bloch stands out from the crowd of Team Full Tilt as he has made the generous decision to donate 100% of his winnings derived from the online poker room to various charity organizations.

Andy Bloch the Blackjack Player
Andy Bloch was playing Blackjack long before he began playing poker. He was featured in “The Hot Shoe”, a documentary focused on Blackjack and Blackjack players. Andy also starred in his own DVD production of “Beating Blackjack”, an instructional video that explains Blackjack card counting. Bloch was also featured in the book “Bringing Down The House”, as a member of the MIT Blackjack Team.



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