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Erick Lindgren

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Erick Lindgren was born in the very small town of Burney, California on August 11, 1976. His phenomenal poker fame was first established in 2002 when Lindgren won his first major tournament at the Bellagio. From there, Erick Lindgren began swiping cash after cash at major poker events around the circuit. As of 2007, Erick Lindgren has earned himself in excess of $5,900,000 in poker winnings.

Erick Lindgren’s Early Years
Erick had a fairly normal childhood, growing up in a small California town with a population of only 3,000. Lindgren was an All League Quarterback and MVP player on his high school basketball team. As a young boy and teenager, Erick never intended or even prospected the idea of playing poker professionally. It wasn’t until Erick Lindgren went off to a junior college in Chico, California to play basketball that he got sidetracked from his previous goals.

Lindgren was playing at a local Indian Casino just for the fun of it when he found himself securing a job as a Blackjack Dealer at the casino. His poker skills became more and more prevalent and he applied them with strong results. By the age of 21, Erick was playing poker full-time, employed as a ‘proposition player’ by a casino in San Pablo, California. It was Lindgren’s job to play poker at the tables and keep the games lively.

It was only a matter of time before Erick Lindgren turned pro, putting his advanced skills to the test in regular poker tournaments and major events.

Erick Lindgren and the WPT
Erick Lindgren won his first WPT event in 2003, just ten months after finishing in 1st place in the 2002 Bellagio Five Diamond World Poker Classic. In February of 2003, Lindgren took the 24th position in Event #10 of the WPT Season 1 – L.A. Poker Classic, followed by a 7th place finish in the WPT PartyPoker Millions II event just one month later. The very next month, Erick found himself in 16th place at the Five-Star World Poker Classic – WPT Season 1 Championship.

In the second season of the WPT, Erick Lindgren was found at several final tables, including a 1st place finish at the Ultimate Poker Classic, awarding young Erick half a million dollars in October of 2003. Lindgren followed up that win most skillfully at the 2004 PartyPoker Millions III Main Event, taking first place and a cool million in cash. Erick was also honored with the WPT’s first ‘Player of the Year’ awarding 2004.

Erick Lindgren won his second WPT title in Season 4 at the 2006 Five-Star World Poker Classic WPT Championship. Playing No Limit Hold’em, Erick patiently played out his cards as each of his opponents were sent to the rails. The young American poker pro came out on top once again, earning him another $261,555 to add to his impressive cash winnings.

Erick Lindgren and the WSOP
Lindgren’s first WSOP cash came in the 2003 World Series of Poker, Event #30 Pot Limit Hold’em. Erick Lindgren finished in 6th place for a cash of $21,280. In the 2004 WSOP, Erick Lindgren cashed 3 times in Events #2, #8 and Main Event #22, placing 10th, 17th and 6th respectively and earning about $50,000 total.

Erick Lindgren’s WSOP earnings jumped significantly in 2005, finishing 2nd in a WSOP Circuit Event at Harrahs Atlantic City Poker Tournament. Erick pocketed $430,521 for the final table victory. He won a few small cashes at the 36th Annual WSOP in 2005, grabbing a few thousand here and there, but nothing out of the ordinary for Lindgren.

As the 2006 WSOP rolled around, Erick Lindgren was ready for action, going heads up in Event #30, No Limit Hold’em Short Handed, to finish in 2nd place with a purse of $375,435. Erick cashed 4 more times in the 2007 WSOP, but has yet to win his first WSOP Bracelet.

Erick Lindgren and the Aussie Millions
2007 was a great year for the prolific young poker pro, taking down the entire field in the 2007 Crown Aussie Millions Championship. Erick Lindgren’s first place finish won him a staggering $759,340, not to mention bragging rights. Erick Lindgren entered the Aussie Millions again in 2008, but his luck fell short, finishing in 73rd place for a cash prize of $11,390.

Erick Lindgren the Author
Erick Lindgren has written one book over his professional poker career, “World Poker Tour: Making the Final Table”. The book covers Erick’s own poker strategies that have helped him make the final table. Lindgren gives the reader a walk-through of tournament rounds, describing how to handle each situation that a player will likely encounter throughout the tournament.

Published in 2005, “World Poker Tour: Making the Final Table” consists of 191 pages of poker related strategies and other information. However, Erick’s book has received mixed reviews, some stating it’s too short, not allowing for enough detail, while others swear by it’s valuable information.

Erick Lindgren and Full Tilt Poker
Erick has been a long time member of Team Full Tilt, a group of highly skilled professional poker players who play poker online exclusively at Full Tilt Poker. Lindgren can be found on occasion at the tables, chatting it up with fellow poker enthusiasts.

Just before the 2006 WSOP, Erick Lindgren was spending his time at the FullTiltPoker.Net Pro Showdown at the Red Rock Casino. Erick was greatly rewarded for his efforts, winning the $120,000 No-Limit Hold ‘em event for a quick $600,000 cash prize.

In 2007, Erick Lindgren made a proposition bet with Gavin Smith, Phil Ivey and other fellow members of Team Full Tilt. Erick was required to play four rounds of golf between sunrise and sunset at the Las Vegas “Bear’s Best” golf course. Carrying his own golf bag, Lindgren had to shoot under 100 in each of the four golf rounds. Though temperatures reached as high as 106 degrees, and he himself claimed to have lost 12 pounds that day, experiencing symptoms of heat exhaustion, Erick Lindgren won the bet.



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