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John Vorhaus

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John Vorhaus is very well known in the poker community, but not necessarily for his game play. An expert poker analyst, Vorhaus is considered an ultimate authority on poker strategy, best represented by authoring numerous top-selling poker books, as well as publications in all four of the top poker magazine in the world; Card Player Magazine, Poker World, Poker Digest and Poker Europa.

Residing in Monrovia, California, John Vorhaus has only cashed five times in live poker tournaments for a grand total of $28,102. The lucrative nature of his successful poker book writing career, however, greatly offsets his relatively low-cashing poker wins.

John Vorhaus – Poker Author
Vorhaus’ first poker book was ‘The Pro Poker Playbook’, hitting the shelves in 1995. John immediately received praise and admiration of ‘America’s Mad Genius of Poker’, Mike Caro. “With this book, John Vorhaus goes beyond his own stature as one of the great poker writers,” Caro was quoted, followed by “he comes of age as an important poker analyst.”

‘Killer Poker: Strategy and Tactics for Winning Poker Play’ was released in 2002, soon trailed by the second edition in the series in 2003, ‘Killer Poker Online: Crushing the Internet Game’, which became an instant top-seller on The third volume of the series, ‘The Killer Poker Hold’em Handbook’, hit stands in 2004.

Also in 2004, John Vorhaus teamed up with Marian Lizzi to co-author ‘Poker Night: Winning Poker Strategies for Playing at Home’, aimed at teaching players with beginner and mid-level poker skills how to take down home poker games. Card Player Magazine reviewed ‘Poker Night’, calling John Vorhaus, “one of poker’s best teachers…”, and declaring him the top poker analyst in regards to the psychological side of poker.

Vorhaus authored another poker book, published in 2005, delving into the more amusing side of poker – I think the name says enough – ‘The Strip Poker Kit: The Game Where You Get to See a Whole Lot More of Your Friends’. Not only does John describe how to play strip poker, including strategies and tips on the game itself, he also details the most beneficial attire for such an occasion.

2006 saw the publication of John Vorhaus next poker book, ‘Killer Poker Online 2′, a follow up to the original ‘Killer Poker Online’. In this continuation of part-one, Vorhaus goes further into the realm of winning online poker games, including common mistakes and easy traps to fall into; considered a must-read poker book for any serious player.

John continued the ‘Killer’ series in 2007 with two more publications, ‘Killer Poker No Limit’ and ‘Killer Poker Shorthanded’.

John Vorhaus Poker Achievements
While John has only earned a grand total of $28,102 playing live poker tournaments, there’s no limit to the imagination when it comes to Vorhaus’ lucrative cash game and home poker game accomplishments when you consider the range of his poker related publications.

Vorhaus has cashed in 5 live poker tournaments between 2001 and 2008. His most profitable tournament venture came July 12, 2006 at the 37th Annual World Series of Poker. Playing Event #19, Seniors NL Hold’em, Vorhaus barely made his way into the final table, only to be ousted in 9th position. John pocketed $24,242 for his WSOP final table finish.



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