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Lee Watkinson

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Lee Watkinson is one of the fiercest professional poker players you’d never want to go up against. Known for his extreme aggression and quiet, contemplative demeanor, Watkinson looks like average high-school baseball coach when wearing normal attire, accompanied by a “Full Tilt Poker” baseball hat. During a major competition, however, he’s likely to be found in a dark hooded sweatshirt, with the hood up and black sunglasses on, giving him the predatory appearance of an evil mage or a Star Wars “dark side” character.

Don’t let the characteristics fool you; Lee Watkinson is truly as dangerous as he appears! His major poker tournament records may not seem very intimidating – 37 cashes, 2 final table finishes and 1 WSOP Bracelet – but when you look at Lee’s total career earnings thus far – $3,367,268 – you realize what a threat he can be around the rails.

Born in Cheney Washington on October 18, 1966, Watkinson began playing the game of poker at the age of 17. His deep intellectual skills and timely use of intense poker strategies developed quickly, and it was soon apparent that Lee Watkinson was heading for an immensely successful career as a professional poker player.

Lee Watkinson and the WSOP
Lee Watkinson has seen tremendous success in the World Series of Poker over his professional poker career. His total WSOP earning, including 12 cashes, two of which came in WSOP Circuit events, amount to just under $1.3 million, and a single WSOP Bracelet to show for it.

Watkinson’s first, second and third WSOP purses came in the 2004 World Series of Poker. The first was on May 4, 2004 in Event #14 No Limit Hold’em, where Lee made the final table, finishing in 4th position for $83,560. Interestingly enough, the prize was less than $100 over his entire major-tournament career earnings up to that point (5 cashes for $83,474). Watkinson’s second WSOP cash was realized just two weeks later, taking 2nd place in Event #31 Pot Limit Omaha for an impressive $270,000. Lee’s final cash of the 2004 WSOP came in the No Limit Hold’em Championship where he finished 113th for $15,000.

The 2005 WSOP earned Lee Watkinson nearly another quarter of a million dollars, cashing in two events. Watkinson came in 40th in Event #31 No Limit Hold’em, worth $6,790, followed by a 45th place finish overall in the No Limit Hold’em Championship on July 15, awarding $235390 for his skilled efforts.

At a WSOP Circuit Event, the Ballys Las Vegas Poker Tournament, Lee Watkinson whittled his way through the field only t come up two positions short of a total victory. For his 3rd place final table win, Lee pocketed $138,556.

As the 37th Annual World Series of Poker rolled around in 2006, Watkinson came into the tournament with barrels loaded. Going into Event #16 Pot Limit Omaha, he carved a path through each of his competitors to earn his largest single-match cash to date, $655,746 for a 1st place victory, along with his first and only coveted WSOP Bracelet. Watkinson went on to cash again in Event #29, earning a $4,524 for 30th place.

An entire year passed before Lee Watkinson earned another major poker tournament prize at the 2007 WSOP. In the early and middle stages, it did not appear that Lee Watkinson would be nearly so lucky as he had in previous years, earning two small cashes worth about $12,000 collectively – that is, until Event #55, the No Limit Hold’em Championship. Watkinson fought his way to his nearest WSOP overall victory, reaching the final table, only to be derailed in the 8th position.



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