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Sunday, 21 April 2019
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Mac Poker Software

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How To Play Poker On A Mac

Way back in the late 1990’s when online poker rooms had just begun to come up, the only kind of software they offered was for Windows users. There weren’t so many Mac users around then and so it never occurred to the poker sites to have Mac poker software as well. Those who used Mac computers were unable to access the online poker rooms. Their desperation gave birth to third party built emulators. These emulators were the only way Mac users could access the poker sites, but the experience wasn’t great.

Since a major percentage of population around the globe used Windows, the online poker rooms did not feel the need to invest in software for Apple users. However, with the growing demand for Mac computers after the year 2000, poker sites realized that developing Mac poker software would increase their player traffic. So, major online poker rooms set about developing a special version of their software that would be Mac compatible. This came in the form of no download or instant play or in-browser format.

Instant play or in-browser play meant that players did not require the poker client to be downloaded to their computer. Instead, they could play directly from their browser. Although this wasn’t the best of Mac poker software and not every poker site had the option, it did give Mac users a more stable way to play at the online poker rooms that offered instant play. Programming languages used by the instant play or in-browser play formats was Java or Flash, both of which were equally good in terms of programming.

However, despite the efforts put in by the online poker rooms, the software lacked in features as compared to its download Windows counterpart. The graphics were poor and the game selection was very limited. Though bonuses and promotions remained the same for Windows and Mac poker platforms, the overall satisfaction from the latter was not great. While Windows users could enjoy several variants of Texas Hold’em, Omaha and other online poker games, Mac users only had a handful of games to choose from.

Today, the situation is different. Realizing that the need of Mac users had to be addressed more seriously, online poker rooms lay focus on improving their Mac poker software. They constantly endeavored to add better and more advanced features that were in par with software for Windows. Slowly the results that emerged changed the poker-playing experience for Mac users to a much enjoyable event. More games, better graphics, special promotions and smooth game play were now available.

Although most online poker rooms still offer Flash play or instant play versions for Mac users, there are a few poker sites that do have a dependable Mac poker client. Besides, Apple has also made certain inclusions to its computers. These features allow you to use Windows programs within your Mac computer. So whether you use in-browser play, which now has vastly improved software since its inception or download a Mac poker client if available, Mac users can play online poker when and where they want.

To save you the trouble of researching for Mac poker sites, here is a short list of online poker rooms that you might want to check out. These include 888 Poker, Party Poker, Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker to name a few. The mentioned online poker rooms are one of the top ranking poker sites in the industry. By signing up here, you simply cannot go wrong when it comes to choosing the right Mac compatible online poker room.

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