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Sunday, 21 April 2019
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Mobile Poker Sites

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When online poker was launched and became a huge craze, poker sites only offered a poker client that could be downloaded to their PC if they wished to enjoy online poker. The poker clients were intended largely for use from the comforts of one’s home. The closest one could get to mobile poker sites to use on the go, was a laptop. With time peoples’ demands changed and they sought something better than what was offered to them. This is a theory that applies to almost anything that concerns human needs and pleasures and online gambling was no exception to the fact.

party-poker-on-iphone5Online poker rooms were forced to put their minds to work, as a legion of Mac users demanded a platform that was Mac-compatible. Following the growing demand for Apple laptops, most poker sites started to work on an in-browser poker client that could be used on Mac, Linux and later Ubuntu operating systems. When this had only been accomplished, an influx of smartphones hit the market. The online poker room developers were back at their tables working furiously to find a solution that would get their poker room to be one of the first mobile friendly poker sites.

Thus began the race to please potential players, as more online poker rooms joined in, though the process is still new and slow. The initial results were not very pleasing. While some online poker rooms made an effort to develop a separate instant play platform for its mobile users, others simply transferred their download client to a mobile-compatible format. However, these supposedly now mobile friendly poker sites were a bit of a disappointment, as their mobile platform did not offer even half the features of its otherwise superb download client.

While we now had a handful of poker sites offering a mobile version, there were others still struggling and yet others who didn’t bother to venture into the field. The problems faced were many, the main being the mobile interface and a small screen. Converting the features of a full online poker room into a miniature format was a mammoth task. However with genius minds at work, some mobile friendly poker sites have come up with mobile apps that offer a far better experience than the initial attempts at creating a feasible mobile poker client.

There is still a question of whether these poker sites can cater to different mobile operating systems that run on various smartphones and tablets, such as iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices. If we look at it from the point of view of online poker rooms, it is not easy to meet every demand at the drop of a hat. Online poker rooms are working hard, looking for ways to meet the needs of its players. Although this development is still underway, there are mobile friendly poker sites that can boast of a great online poker experience.

party-poker-on-iphone5-landscapeLeading online poker rooms like PokerStars, and Party Poker to name a few have come up with commendable poker apps for mobile devices. While presently has an app only for android devices, PokerStars and Party Poker have apps for both android and iOS devices. You can access their full poker room using any smartphone or tablet. These are leading brands and completely reliable, besides they offer a host of features that make them credible and much sought after mobile friendly poker sites today.

Mobile poker is the most convenient way to play your favorite poker games from almost anywhere at any time, provided you sign up at the right mobile friendly poker sites. While the quest for offering the best mobile poker experience continues, you can enjoy quality poker at the handful of online poker rooms that do provide the service. It will not be long before more online poker rooms join the bandwagon of mobile friendly poker sites, once again taking competition between poker sites to another level of high.



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