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Friday, January 26th, 2007

Neteller Says Bettors Will Get Their Money

Written by Tom Somach in Poker News

Online poker players who have money frozen in NETeller accounts will get their money within six weeks, NETeller says.

A NETeller customer service representative in Calgary, Canada told today that customers attemtping to withdraw money from their NETeller accounts will get their money but it will take “up to four to six weeks.”

Last week, two former NETeller executives were arrested by U.S. authorities for facilitating online gambling and other charges.

Soon after, NETeller announced that customers in the U.S. could no longer use the Internet money-transferring service to fund and collect from online gambling sites.

Since last week, U.S.-based NETeller customers trying to withdraw funds from their NETeller accounts have found that their funds have been frozen and they can’t withdraw them.

Previously, it took one or two business days for a NETeller withdrawal to go through.

Some NETellers customers have become frantic, expressing concerns on Internet posting forums that they may never get paid and even that NETeller may go out of business.

Nothing could be further from the truth, the NETeller rep told

“Everyone with a NETeller account who has requested a withdrawal will get their money,” the rep said. “The delay in processing withdrawals is simply because of the volume of withdrawal requests which have come in since NETeller announced its change in policy.

“Since Americans can’t use NETeller any more for gambling transactions, most of our American customers are emptying their accounts. We’ve had an unprecedented amount of withdrawal requests since last week and that has created a huge backlog.

“Everyone will get their money but it will take up to four to six weeks. I say up to because it could be less time than that.”

NETeller has not announced publicly—either via its website or by press release or by any other method—why its accounts have been frozen nor how long it will take customers to receive their funds. only got the information by calling NETeller’s toll-free customer service number in Canada.

Thus, a noticeable degree of panic among some NETeller customers in the U.S. continues as the U.K.-based e-money processor has remained silent on the issue.

As of today, NETeller’s website ( says only this of the withdrawal delays: “At this time, our ability to provide U.S. members with withdrawals is significantly reduced due to circumstances outside of our control. We are working to resolve all withdrawal issues, but in the meantime we continue to maintain these funds in trust on your behalf until we can clear the backlog.”

Said the NETeller rep: “We will be announcing very shortly on the NETeller website what is happening with the withdrawals.”

The rep also stressed that NETeller is not going out of business, despite rumors to the contrary and worries that the axing of the U.S. market—75% of NETeller’s customer base—will gut the company’s business.

“We have plenty of customers in Europe, Asia and South America, and we will focus on expanding those markets,” the NETeller representative said.

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