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Roy Cooke

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Roy Cooke spent 16 years of his life as a professional poker player, residing in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife Misty since 1984. Most of Cooke’s lucrative earnings have come from cash games and regular poker tournaments, while his live tournament career has only proffered a career total of $21,115.

Cooke began his professional poker career in his hometown of Seattle, Washington, where bet sizes were limited by state law. After finding much success, but not enough profit as he’d have liked, Roy and his wife Misty made the big move to Las Vegas. Roy Cooke spent many years raking in the profits in Vegas casino poker rooms before turning to real estate in 1989. Since then, Roy and Misty have assisted in the purchase/sale of more than $100 million in real estate.

These days, Roy Cooke is best known for his poker related writing skills. Cooke has a regular column in Card Player Magazine, with articles constantly popping up in other reputable online poker news pages, as well. Roy Cooke writes poker strategies, tactics and tips, including a highly profiled article on what it takes to become a professional poker player – the hardships, long days (and nights), frequent substance abuse issues and all of the other aspects one would not normally consider before making such a career choice.

Cooke has co-authored several poker books with friend and poker enthusiast John Bond, as well as a few other professional poker players. Cooke’s first book was co-authored by a number of talented poker players – Mike Caro, Bob Ciaffone, Bill Kelly, Ray Leitner, Bill Sykes and Max Shapiro – titled “Card Player Digest: The Best Of Card Player” (1988-1994).

Cooke found immense success when he teamed up with John Bond to pen the October 1999 release of “Real Poker: The Cooke Collection”. Cooke and Bond put their heads together again with their next publication of “Cooke’s Rules of Real Poker” (June 2005), followed by “Real Poker II: The Play of Hands” (December 2005). In 2007, Cooke and Bond penned yet another poker book titled “The Home Poker Handbook”, though it did not receive the same rave reviews as their prior works.

Cooke’s most recent poker book was released a few months ago in February of 2008, co-authored by himself, John Bond and the exception poker pro Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson – “How to Think like a Poker Pro”. The book includes many of Roy Cooke’s articles published between 2000 and 2005, divided between four sections; Philosophy of Life and Poker, Edge, Becoming a Pro, Strategy and Tactics.

On the cover of this latest release, legendary poker pros Doyle Brunson and Daniel Negreanu both spoke their opinions of Roy Cooke’s poker authoring abilities.

Doyle Brunson: “Roy Cooke is one of the only poker writers I find worth reading.”

Daniel Negreanu: “Roy Cooke’s writing is the best limit hold’em advice anywhere… I learned more from reading Roy’s articles in Card Player on limit hold’em than any other source. He does a masterful job of walking you through a hand and teaches you the right way to think about a poker hand.”



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