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Tony Guerrera

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Tony Guerrera is a professional poker player and expert author on the game, though he admittedly spends much more time writing about poker than playing the game itself. As a young boy, Tony played 5 Card Draw with his grandfather for pennies. As he got older, while attending Caltech, Guerrera would play in the occasional dealer’s choice poker games amongst friends.

Guerrera didn’t realize it at the time – studying physics at college, offering his services as a private tutor and working for an optics company – but his true destiny awaited him in the poker industry.

Tony always took his poker game seriously, being highly competitive by nature, but he cites his introduction to ‘serious’ poker as his first trip to Commerce Casino in 2002. During the summer, Guerrera traveled to the casino, buying-in for $40 to play $1/$2 Limit Hold’em. He lost it all; but even so, realized he had an edge over his opponents in the way of intelligence.

Tony began acutely studying the game of poker, reading different strategy books written by the pros, understanding the odds, the starting hands factor and more. In no time, Tony Guerrera was taking down low-stakes cash games on a regular basis.

Just before Chris Moneymaker took down the 2003 World Series of Poker, Tony Guerrera found himself switching his game from land-based casinos to online poker rooms. Moneymaker’s historic win had created a surge of poker enthusiasts joining the online poker community in hopes of repeating his spectacular victory that began from an online poker satellite sponsorship. Thus, Guerrera could not have chosen a better time. The influx of inexperienced players saw Tony’s bankroll soaring to new heights.

Guerrera increased his play from a single table to multi-tabling at 2, 3 and even 4 tables at once. He also began playing in No Limit Hold’em games, though he did not divert from his Limit Hold’em origins.

Tony had been monstrously successful at full-handed poker tables, but his curiosity drove him to delve into the short-handed variety of No Limit Hold’em. Now a regular at PartyPoker, Guerrera was 4-tabling $25 short-handed NL Hold’em games, using his trademark tight-aggressive playing strategy. He did favorably well at these tables and eventually moved up to $100 short-handed games.

Around this time, Tony read Doyle Brunson’s poker book “Supersystems”, which caused him to put much more thought into his strategic poker play. He began playing extremely tight – so tight in fact that his friends deemed him “Too Tight Tony”. This caused him to take on what seemed an extreme, almost maniacal, playing style at a home game. When he realized how successful a loose-aggressive attitude could be, he rethought his poker strategies once again.

Tony reverted back to the $25 NL Hold’em tables at PartyPoker to experiment with his new found knowledge. His success was instantaneous and, within a few months, Tony Guerrera was right back into the big-stakes short-handed $400 NL Hold’em games. It is said that Tony’s biggest strength in the game of poker is his adaption of so many playing styles.

After finding such enormous and consistent success at online poker, Tony’s good friend and fellow poker player John Vorhaus asked him to contribute to his upcoming poker book, “Killer Poker Online 2″. Guerrera ended up writing Appendix B of the poker book, detailing the use of playing tracking software in online poker. Both Vorhaus and his Kensington editor were so impressed with Guerrera’s input that Tony’s career ended up shifting in a whole new direction.

Kensington offered Guerrera a lucrative book deal that lead to the publication of “Killer Poker By The Numbers”, released in 2007. Tony then co-authored the book “Killer Poker Shorthanded” with Vorhaus, available on shelves now.

Since then, Guerrera has become an authority on poker strategy, writing poker articles for various web sites, including his own online poker resource, Tony’s web site offers the best in poker rakeback deals at online poker rooms and his own poker writing services. Through his web site, Tony is a coach to poker players around the globe. also serves as a way for fans and poker enthusiasts to contact him directly with any questions and/or comments.

Outside of the poker spectrum, Tony Guerrera enjoys several sports, including tennis and table tennis, basketball and pool. He also enjoys video games, music, reading and according to Tony, “anything else that won’t land me in jail or in the hospital.”



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