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Sunday, 21 April 2019
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Safe and Legal US Poker Sites

In the wake of the UEIGA bill passed in 2006, most US poker sites withdrew their operations in the USA, when the US government blocked to and fro fund transfers made by US players. There was deep uncertainty as to the status of the bill in terms of restrictions, whether it was for a few states or the US as a whole. Unsure of the continuing legal disputes, players did not know where they stood. In fact, the bill not only affected online poker rooms and players, but also many financial institutions.

Before the bill was passed, majority of traffic at the online poker rooms was directed from the US, which changed overnight deciding the ill-fate of these US poker sites. Although some poker sites struggled to exist and accommodate US players, the players were confused as to which ones still accepted them. However, the situation is different today as there are a list of US states, such as New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware, which have legalized regulated online gambling in their respective states.

US players may have been left with a small choice, but even the selected number of US poker sites that survive today, have a decent offering to make. Most of these remaining online poker rooms are in fact the finest on their networks and rank amongst the industry leaders. From lucrative promotions, amazing welcome bonus packages, a superb selection of games, fast cash outs and an efficient customer support staff, these online poker rooms offer US players an experience to remember.

Leading online poker rooms that currently cater to the US market are Intertops Poker and Juicy Stakes with 888 Poker and Party Poker open to players from New Jersey. These are popular brands of US poker sites and ones that have managed to remain open to the players here despite the massive Black Friday disaster. While there are various reasons for selecting online poker rooms, the basic criteria of your search should be the software, choice of games, promotions and an unfaltering payment procedure.

The mentioned US poker sites provide all of these and more. From dependable software with fast-running games, attractive promotions that beat some of the best, a vast selection of cash games, tournaments and live event qualifiers, the online poker rooms make sure the players receive paramount treatment. The reason for their increasing success is because they are constantly working on improving their software and promotions and making payment procedures easy and quick for the players.

For almost a decade the UEIGA Bill put off online poker rooms from entering the US market, but the ice is slowly breaking. How and when or if ever the bill will be voided cannot be said, but US poker sites are re-emerging again for sure. For the ones that are present, player traffic is increasing in leaps and bounds as more US players become aware of their acceptance at these sites. It is just a matter of time before these online poker rooms become top competitors in the online gambling industry.

As for the level of competition at these US poker sites, it is generally loose and passive; a factor that attracts experienced players. With so much of fish around, adding easy money to your poker bankroll is simple. The most active tables are those at the micro-stakes, but some of the sites provide medium to high stake games as well. However, with the growing popularity of the US poker sites, competition will not remain soft for long, as more seasoned players make appearances at the online poker rooms.

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