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Old 10-17-2007, 02:15 PM
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Worst beat I ever took.

Okay, this might sound crazy but I can't let it go. I was playing in the Million Dollar Tourny on party poker about 4 years ago. I won a $6 sat to get to a $60 sat which I won to get an entry into the $600.00 entry Million Dollar Monthly tourny. After 7 hours I was leading the tournament with 1.2 Million in chips and to be honest told myself I wasn't going to play anything stupid. With 80 people to go I was in the big blind with blinds at 5k 10k. I have 83os and the guy with the 2nd highest chipstack at 890k sits down at my table, on this hand he is in seat 5. 3,4 fold he just limps for 10k, evryone folds to me I check. Flop 8, 3, 3 as if I didnt see this coming. I check he bets 50k I think about it and go all in. I just want to take the pot there and be happy. To my surprise he calls me. now I believe he has 88 and I am screwed or 99 or better. Of course not, I jump out of my chair and yell YESSS the idiot has A7os. I think to myself how did he call me with that!!!! Turn 7, River 7...............What happens next is even more amazing now that I look back. I pick up my 700.00 computer monitor and throw it out my 2nd story window, almost hitting my wife who is outside. I am screaming and yelling for 10 minutes straight. I tell my wife what happened and she says to me no kidding......"So you still have chips" OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no monitor, so I take my dumb A@@ to Walmart closest place to have a computer monitor where I lived and dropped 300 on a monitor. I get back hook it all up and to my surprise I have 90k in chips with 27 people to go. I check to see where the moron who took my chips was and he was out. He finished 60th, how is this possible with a 3 to 1 chip lead on 2nd. Anyway I catch a couple hands and play for another 45 minutes finishing 13th and losing AK to AQ on a AKJ flop of course he calls me and hits his 10. Anyway I always wonder how good I could have done and possibly won if that didn't happen. 240k for first would have changed a lot for me. Needless to say that was my biggest tourny payoff ever. Hope you found my sorrows enjoyable I do now but I didn't then.
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