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Party Poker Affiliate Program

This has to be one of the hottest affiliate programs there is right now. With the popularity of poker on tv these days theres thousands of people starting to play online poker everyday. The payouts are quite nice.You can pick from CPA or MGR.

CPA- is Per sign up plan means you will get paid a guaranteed amount for every player that opens an Account and makes a real money deposit to his or her Account. 1-10 players is $65 each or 11 or more players $75 each.

MGR - Gross revenue percentage share plan means you will get paid a commission on what the house makes from your players based on their contribution to monthly gross revenue for the life of their Account. In other words, the bigger your players, the bigger your check.

You can see that CPA is a nice payout per player but you must know what kind of people your going to be promoting this too. If there likely long term players you would make much more from MGR. I use both CPA and MGR. I promote CPA on sites that aren't related to poker because those players may just play a few times and never play again.For this site as an example i use MGR because its a poker strategy site and the people that sign up through this site are much more likely to become long term players.

You dont have to have a nice website to make a nice side income promoting poker. If you have some friends that like to play or go to school with people that are getting into poker then you should consider signing up for the partypoker affiliate program. PartyPoker offers a bonus to new players through affiliates so its not very hard to get some people to use your bonus codes. Just think you could take business cards with your bonus code to school and hand them out or leave them lying around.

Sign me up!

If you have any questions or need any help getting started let me know.

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