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Sunday, October 7th, 2007

Liar’s Poker

Written by Tom Somach in Poker News


Another new free online poker room has debuted.

This one, called Zero Risk Poker (, is the brainchild of Adam Majewski, and features Texas hold ‘em.

Players can play for free on the site and win prizes, which are provided by website sponsors.

“We’re taking the free online poker concept and turning it on its head,” said Adam Majewski, company president and chief executive officer, in a news release.

“We don’t believe playing for free should mean playing for nothing and we don’t believe that playing poker has to be a risky proposition,” Majewski said.

The Zero Risk Poker website describes itself as “a new site for Texas hold ‘em fans who like the idea of holding onto their money and winning large. Pull up a chair at our sponsor-based online poker tables and play for prizes like your very own home gym, energy drinks, magazine subscirptions and more. Thanks to our sponsors, we have over $25,000 worth of free stuff to give away every month and more is being added every day.”

Elsewhere on the website, the company explains its origin: “We’ve leveraged our 28 years of poker experience to reinvent online poker and take winning to a whole new level. While other free poker sites are simply offshoots of real-money poker sites, designed to convert you to a real-money player, we are dedicated to keeping poker 100% free while making it more lucrative, more enticing and more exciting than ever before.

“With several online poker companies pulling out of the U.S. market in 2007 due to the legal ramifications of their business model, we decided that Texas hold’em fans deserve a place to play that is legal, fun and beneficial for those holding the cards. We invite you to explore our website, sign up for a free account and win fantastic prizes at no cost to you.”

Unfortunately for Zero Risk Poker, however, the company is getting off to a bad start by lying about its competitors.

It’s not true that “other free poker sites are simply offshoots of real-money poker sites, designed to convert you to a real-money play,” as the Zero Risk Poker website states.

While many free poker sites are connected to real-money poker sites, there are some–just like Zero Risk Poker–that offer free poker and free poker alone.

Among them are Triple Jack Poker (, Thwart Poker (, Pure Play (, which was formerly known as Bet Zip, and Duplicate Poker (www.duplicatepoker), which was formerly known as E-Poker USA.

And there are others.

So a word to the wise: Zero Risk Poker needs to clean up its act, and stop lying about the competition.

Otherwise, before long, it will be known as “Zero Truth Poker” and be out of business.

(E-mail Tom Somach at [email protected].)

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