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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Names Changed

Written by Tom Somach in Poker News


The new United States Poker League (USPL) has changed the names of four of its teams, after pointed out possible trademark violations of pro leagues’ team names.

The new league, which got underway over the weekend and features team-style poker, announced last month that it was to begin play in Las Vegas this month with teams named for 25 U.S. cities.

Among the teams announced, and then listed on the USPL’s website (, were the Pittsburgh Stealers, the Dallas Kowboys, the St. Louis Cards and the Cincinnati Royals.

Shortly therafter, broke the story that the new poker league would likely face legal issues from various professional sports leagues over some of the USPL team names.

Specifically, noted that the National Football League, against gambling in all forms, would likely not take kindly to having two USPL teams with names that were almost identical to NFL teams: Pittsburgh Stealers (Pittsburgh Steelers) and Dallas Kowboys (Dallas Cowboys).

In addition, pointed out that Major League Baseball, which has a team called the St. Louis Cardinals, commonly referred to as the St. Louis Cards, would not be happy that there was also a St. Louis Cards in the USPL.

And, also noted, although not in the National Basketball Association any more, there used to be an NBA team called the Cincinnati Royals (it’s now the Sacramento Kings), so the NBA likely still owns the rights to that name.

After the story appeared on Oct. 9, Nevada newspaper the Las Vegas Sun, as well as other media, picked up the story last week.

A visit to the USPL website today shows that the names of the four questionable teams have been changed: the Pittsburgh Stealers are now the Pittsburgh River Rats, the Dallas Kowboys are now the Dallas Roughnecks, the St. Louis Cards are now the St. Louis Surge and the Cincinnati Royals are now the Cincinnati Full House.

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