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Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Pure Play Purely Tops

Written by Tom Somach in Poker News

Legal and U.S.-based online poker site Pure Play ( announced last week that the site now has over 700,000 players and is growing steadily, adding 50,000 new players every month.

The two-year-old site was formerly known as Bet Zip, but recently changed its name to Pure Play.

The site, located in San Francisco, Calif., USA, offers two methods of online poker: one is completely free and players can win cash, while the other requires a small monthly membership fee but the cash prizes are bigger.

Prize money is generated by ads on the site, as well as from the membership fees.

Because poker players at the site can win money without risking losing any, the site is considered “gaming” and not “gambling,” and thus can be run from the U.S. and accept U.S. customers.

The site also announced that its 700,000-strong customer base makes it the largest poker site of its kind in the world.

And it could be getting even larger.

In an interview with, Pure Play chief executive officer Jason Kellerman said the success the site has had with poker has convinced the site to add other types of games.

The new games will mirror the poker model, allowing free play or inexpensive fee-based play and the chance to win cash, Kellerman said.

Those games are scheduled to be added in the near future, but Kellerman declined to specify exactly what games are to be added, not wanting to tip off the competition.

That competition includes legal U.S.-based poker gaming sites Thwart Poker (“>“>“>, Duplicate Poker (“>“>“> and Triple Jack (“>“>“>

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