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Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

Jokers Snub Poker

Written by Tom Somach in Poker News

Political correctness has officially run amok in Sacramento, California, USA. Government officials there want to change the name of a steet–because it has the word “poker” in it.

According to news reports out of the California capital city, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors is considering changing the name of a street near a new high school because of what the Board considers a “negative message.”

A stretch of a street called Poker Lane runs along the building site of Antelope High School, a new high school scheduled to open next fall in suburban Sacramento, the reports said.

The school is asking the Board of Supervisors to change the name of Poker Lane to Titan Drive, citing a request from the Department of County Engineering, the reports said.

That request suggests that the area’s image will be improved by “removing the negative connotation that the existing street name carries and the negative message that this name bears on the high school students,” the reports said.

The Sacramento County Board of Supervisor is scheduled to meet tonight and vote on the renaming, the reports said.

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