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Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

New Poker Room

Written by Tom Somach in Poker News

A new online poker room has opened and it’s not one in a million or even one in a billion: it’s one in a trillion!

The new room is called Poker Trillion ( and is based in London, England.

With thousands of other online poker rooms out there to compete with, Poker Trillion has come up with a gimmick it hopes will allow it to break through the glut of competitors: giving money back to its players so they can complete in offline poker tournaments.

According to a press release from the company, “With more live tournaments on the poker calendar than ever before and some entry fees on the increase and out of reach to even the more hardened poker player, it would appear that the launch of has arrived in the nick of time. All players playing on will receive the industry maximum of 30% rakeback, if they simply use their rakeback to enter European poker tournaments then will subsidise up to 50% of the tournaments entry fee.”

Poker Trillion chief executive officer Andy Pyrah was quoted in the release saying, “Let’s face it, nowadays it’s not cheap being a poker player and we’re simply trying to alleviate some of the financial pressure on players and pay up to half of their live tournament entry. We’re not after any slice of any winnings we just want to help players on their way to success within the live tournament arena.”

Poker Trillion marketing director Colin Hawker was quoted in the release saying, “It’s inevitable that sometimes players will run bad and need funds sooner rather than later. It’s part of poker and we recognize that fact. Why should a player potentially wait a month for funds they’re owed like they have to at every other poker site? Poker Trillion players simply request funds to be transferred to their account from their players area and can get cracking again.”

Poke Trillion is a member of the Boss Poker Network, meaning it uses poker software made by Boss Media, a Swedish software maker.

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