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Monday, December 24th, 2007

Start Your Poker Engines

Written by Tom Somach in Poker News

One would think that poker would be enough of a theme for an online poker room, but, hey, this is the era of cross-promotion and mega-marketing.

A new online poker room that debuted earlier this month has as its theme not poker but auto racing.

Auto racing?

Yup, auto racing, the sport where spectators watch cars go around and around in a circle for three hours, hoping they’ll crash into each other.

The new online poker room is called Gear Poker ( and is run from the tiny twin island Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda.

That’s gear as in gearhead, which is slang for a car buff, not gear as in clothing or equipment or anything else.

That’s clear from a look at the Gear Poker home page, which shows images of a race car, a race car driver, a speedometer and the quintessential auto racing symbol–the black-and-white checkered flag which symbolizes the end of a race.

Is the auto racing theme an effort for a brand new online poker room to break through the clutter of hundreds, if not thousands, of competitors in the online poker biz, and appeal to a specific demographic?

Like, say, rednecks of the American South, where auto racing is most popular?

A press release from Gear Poker trumpeting its birth only says of that, “Gear Poker is geared towards young, up and coming online poker players with most of its clientele coming from Europe and North America. Players compete against other players from around the world, for real money or just for fun, as the new online poker room provides a safe, fair and fun environment for all.”

So what’s so special about Gear Poker, other than its pathetic effort to corral the motor oil-and-burning rubber crowd?

It seems like a run-of-the-mill online poker room, with decent graphics and game play, but there is one noticeable aspect–variety–as the room offers versions of online poker not usually seen. In addition to the typical offerings of Texas hold ‘em, Omaha and stud commonly found in online poker rooms throughout the Internet, Gear Poker offers Chinese poker, pan, guts poker, survivor guts poker and Big 2 poker.

What these or any of the traditional types of poker offered by Gear Poker have to do with auto racing is anybody’s guess, other than that the object of each activity is not to run out.

If you run out of chips in poker, you’re through.

If you run out of gas in auto racing, you’re also through.

(E-mail Tom Somach at [email protected].)

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