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Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Poker Pervert Loses

Written by Tom Somach in Poker News

Poker pervert Shahram “Sean” Sheikhan got his just desserts last week–he lost the “Hecklers Week” competition telecast on “Poker After Dark” on NBC.

Sheikhan did make it to the final two in the contest–a game of no-limit Texas hold ‘em poker that started with six players–but was outplayed by veteran Phil “Poker Brat” Hellmuth Jr., who won it all.

The popular, nightly, late-night network poker show had “Heckers Week” as its theme for the show all last week.

Featured were a half-dozen professional poker players who are known for their big mouths as well as their big talents.

The six were: Sheikhan, Hellmuth, Sam Grizzle, Mike “The Mouth” Matusow, Jean-Robert Belland and Gavin Smith. Matusow was the first to get knocked out of the tournament-style competition, followed by Grizzle, Smith and Belland. =A0 That left Sheikhan and Hellmuth–who has more World Series of Poker (WSOP) championship gold bracelets than anyone in the world, 11–to battle it out for the title.

Although “Poker Brat” had far fewer chips than Sheikhan when their head-to-head showdown began–making him a huge underdog–he was able to wear down his outmatched opponent through smart consistent play, and eventually draw even.

Hellmuth, a native of Wisonsin, then won the match when the beleaguered Iranian went all in with an ace and a jack, and was called by Phil, who had a queen and a deuce.

Another deuce came up on the flop, followed by a third deuce on the turn, giving Hellmuth three-of-a-kind and the championship.

Sheikhan, a convicted sex offender, caused controversy when he was allowed to participate in the show. The U.S. government had tried to deport the native Iranian last year for a 1995 sex crime conviction against a minor, a crime that put Sheikhan behind bars for five months in the 1990s.

Both Hellmuth and Sheikhan were well-suited for the “Heckler’s Week” theme.

Once, during WSOP play televised by ESPN a few years ago, Hellmuth famously boasted, “If it weren’t for luck, I guess I’d win all the time.”

On last week’s “Poker After Dark” telecast on NBC, when it was down to the final two players, Hellmuth mumbled something about the show not being able to continue without him.

Sheikhan quickly disagreed, shouting, “I am the show!”

(E-mail Tom Somach at [email protected])

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