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Thursday, February 14th, 2008

New Poker Show

Written by Tom Somach in Poker News

Just what we need, another poker show on televison.

The Best Damn Poker Show, a new televison program on cable sports network Fox Sports Net, premiered on Monday.

The program is the creation of online poker room Ultimate Bet (, who will also be the show’s chief sponsor.

But unlike most other poker shows now on TV, this one isn’t a simple telecast of people playing in a poker tournament, it’s a reality show that follows a group of poker players who compete under the tutelage of some seasoned pros.

According to a news release about the new show, “The ultimate poker reality series follows 18 poker players on two teams led by world poker champions Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke, as they battle it out over seven weeks. More than just money is at stake in this televised battle. Egos are on the line as the two poker pros try to prove who’s the better poker professor.”

The release continues: “Despite the endless heads-up Texas hold ‘em battles between Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke at Ultimate Bet’s online poker tables, it’s unlikely that the age-old debate regarding which pro is the better poker player will ever be settled. Best Damn Poker Show aims to discover who can better teach the game and mold ordinary poker players into champions.”

So how did the show come about?

According to the news release, online poker players at Ultimate Bet auditioned for the show by creating and submitting audition videos that demonstrated why they deserved to be on the show, and then Hellmuth and Duke each handpicked nine players to join their teams.

The 18 selected players then went to the Pechanga Resort and Casino in California to film the seven-week series, the release states.

The news release also notes that several celebrities will be part of the TV show: musician Scott Ian from the rock group Anthrax, musician Sully Erna from the rock group Godsmack, actress and poker pro Jennifer Tilley and actors Patrick Warburton and Miguel Nunez.

And, of course, Hellmuth and Duke, two longtime Ultimate Bet paid flacks who will do or say anything for another buck.

(E-mail Tom Somach at [email protected].)

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