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08-22-2008 Poker site available on Pocket Pc?
Hello there. I have bought a pocket pc (mio p560) with internet connection enabled and I am searching for a poker site compatible with operating system Windows Mobile 6. Most sites have Instant more...
CelebPoker Register and Win! On every Saturday at 18.00 GMT will be a €1000 Freeroll open to all new players who have registered in the previous 7 days. Simple as that! Anybody who registers gets a fr more...
07-31-2008 Review of Best Online Poker Sites
My premier informational Poker Review Web Page can be found at: www [dot] expss [dot] com / poker / BestSite.htm This webpage reviews the Top online Poker Sites on the Internet today. Descri more...
07-30-2008 Student Survey for Poker Players
Hello, My name is Steve and I am currently a student conducting a survey for a business course at UC Berkeley. The study I have chosen is the aptitude and predilection of poker players toward horse ra more...
07-29-2008 I am coming
Hey guys hows your weekend
07-28-2008 Hello Poker Helper
If you will search this any search engine you will get the list
07-28-2008 Speed Hold'em Poker
Anybody plays speed hold'em poker , want to know more please check the site
07-28-2008 help needed my my thesis on full tilt poker!
anybody me out please!!!!!
07-27-2008 say hello
Wow Thats Pretty Cool I Have Been Playin Poker For Awile But Just Now Getting Into All Of This Stuff.
07-27-2008 say hello
hi a noob here... i need all the help i can get from you guys for my postgrad thesis on poker! hope you can all help
07-27-2008 help needed my my thesis on full tilt poker!
Hi, I'm currently conducting research for my MSc Management dissertation and it is centred around FULL TILT POKER. I am studying at Cass Business School, London, U.K. I now need people to fi more...
07-27-2008 say hello
i am new to this site I have seen the ladyfreerollerz on ub and finally decided to check it out anyone wnt to tell me more?
07-24-2008 Favourite poker room ?
I like to play with poker rooms where i will get more money and joy
07-24-2008 Couple of questions!
I like to play speed texas holdem poker.Like to play fast games
07-19-2008 Anyone play Razz?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cavaill I always wanted to try this game but never found a good place to start, do you know of any good Internet links where more...
07-19-2008 100% Match Bonus Up To €100 PLUS 30% Rakeback For Life. Limited Time Only!
Sure , i will!!!
07-11-2008 100% Match Bonus Up To €100 PLUS 30% Rakeback For Life. Limited Time Only!
07-10-2008 Campaign to Legalize Internet Gambling
Hey Guys, My name is Andrew and I am a first time poster to the forum. I love playing cards, especially holdem. One thing I have been particularly upset about and apparently so has the entire poker more...
07-08-2008 100% Match Bonus Up To €100 PLUS 30% Rakeback For Life. Limited Time Only!
At the Official Rakeback site for you receive 30% Lifetime Rakeback Plus a Massive 100% Match Bonus Up To €100. Take advantage of this New Rakeback OFFER by joining RakeBackCelebPoker.c more...
06-19-2008 Anyone play Razz?
I always wanted to try this game but never found a good place to start, do you know of any good Internet links where I can see how it works, tips and so on?
06-18-2008 Study group with Negreanu, Lindgren, Please Help.
Hi all, Name is Eric and I am a new member here. I have been an active tournament/cash game player (limit, no-limit) for 5 years now. Always trying to improve, which brings me here. I was wondering more...
06-09-2008 Couple of questions!
I agree with you both i like to play at stars and full tilt also. i used to play at bodog a long time ago when i first started to play but i didn't like the rcg there, just felt like to many unlucky b more...
06-09-2008 Couple of questions!
I like reward points that actually have a realistic value in the stores and I prefer to play in SNG tournaments.
06-09-2008 Favourite poker room ?
Either Cake or Full Tilt for me, decent promos and games.
06-03-2008 Favourite poker room ?
hey everyone just wanted to tell you that my favorite poker room is Fortune Poker. I just logged into my account and they are having a 100k freeroll. it says it is up to us so i am letting you all kno more...
06-03-2008 Anyone play Razz?
Thanks for stopping by. Don't be a stranger. Curtom
06-02-2008 Anyone play Razz?
I just ckecked out your website to see more about what the content was, and i think that a lot of people don't know how to play razz. I think it is a hard game to get people interested and very easy t more...
05-24-2008 MTT Bubble Decision
EZ fold here. Your thought process is right on the money my friend. Curtom
05-24-2008 Anyone play Razz?
I have learned to like the game. I find it rather intrigueing. Once I learned to read my hand backwards I was OK. Before that I was reading my hand as if I was playing Omaha Hi/Lo. Bad idea! For more...
05-24-2008 Couple of questions!
Hey Bags. Personally I like to play at PokerStars. I like the room and the competition is good with decent structure. Usually, I play from $4 - $50 tournaments preferring Deep Stacks events because more...
05-17-2008 Play The Poker League Today
Hi am william patrick from california, am newer to this community. i really appreciate the informations which you provided in this community. i like to know some more valuable informations about onlin more...
05-16-2008 Couple of questions!
I would just like some people to answer a couple of questions about poker and where online you play and why? 1. What promotions make you want to play on a poker room? 2. What tournaments do you more...
05-15-2008 say hello
I`m new to this community too, Hello everyone!!
05-07-2008 Hello Poker Helper
by the way, what is the best site to get the best rakeback, any ideas?
05-07-2008 Hello Poker Helper
thanks, well odds make even more sense than cake, dont they?
05-07-2008 Anyone play Razz?
Useful guide there actually, I had no idea how to play.
05-07-2008 MTT Bubble Decision
Fold preflop. OOP, second best ace, no need to continue the hand.
05-07-2008 Hello Poker Helper
Hello Booti and PH, nice forum.
05-01-2008 Poker Sharpener: New online poker tool!
Quote: Originally Posted by minorityslam hey sounds good, i want to give it a shot but is there a yearly monthly subscription or something? more...
05-01-2008 Poker Sharpener: New online poker tool!
hey sounds good, i want to give it a shot but is there a yearly monthly subscription or something?
04-29-2008 MTT Bubble Decision
wow, i registered long ago and never got an answer to my post
04-28-2008 Hey
Just signed up a couple days ago and will be around daily to discuss some interesting topics. so let me know if you have any.
04-11-2008 Charity Poker Tournament - Children's Tumor Foundation
Is this forum dead or what?
04-10-2008 Hello Poker Helper
I am new to this forum, but I am happy to be here as I found out that it is one of the best webwide. As a real poker enthusiast, I hope we can exchange a lot of ideas and concepts! All the best more...
04-04-2008 Charity Poker Tournament - Children's Tumor Foundation
My nephews Braeden (age 4) and Bronson (age 2) both have neurofibromatosis (NF) type 1, and as a result have bilateral optic glioma brain tumors. In addition, Braeden has congenital pseudoarthrosis of more...
04-03-2008 Favourite poker room ?
One's of my favourite is Poker Heaven. This is my preferred GUI.
04-03-2008 say hello
Hello all I am new here.I am sreeja.I am from India.Nice to meet you all.This forum looks so interesting.Hope i can enjoy stay.
04-02-2008 WSOP Satellites
Same here... I am sooooo close to getting one, and I t has been so easy I think I am visiting Vegas pretty sooon. Check the Promo page....satellites are daily and there are los more...
04-01-2008 Help
Thank you, Knowledge is Power !!!
04-01-2008 WSOP Satellites
I like taking candy from babies :P
04-01-2008 say hello
Im new too, WHAAZZZ UP everybody
04-01-2008 Anyone play Razz?
Ill have to give a try and see what i think
04-01-2008 Best Ipoker deal
Thx for the information
04-01-2008 No BS... $50 free real money for trying site deposit required.. rake requirement
Ill hav 2 chk that out
04-01-2008 kids making money online
I wish i could win some mad coin .:S
04-01-2008 Favourite poker room ?
Im new so i am just gettin aquainted. HOwdy
04-01-2008 Freerolls All Day Everyday At Celebpoker - No Requirments
03-31-2008 free poker money to start your bankroll
only $10 dollars. hey buddy increase the amount as i know a site who offers $100 at the start.
03-28-2008 Favourite poker room ?
Well, If truth be told, I'm really new to poker and currently, my favorite poker room is a very simple room and no money involved. Just you against time... I really love it, but no more...
03-26-2008 Favourite poker room ?
I love absolute poker because they have a lot of freerolls every day!
03-21-2008 Favourite poker room ?
I play on a site, and they recently came up with this promotion to try and attract new members. Anybody that we refer, we earn 60% of their profits at no cost to us at all! I even got my very own free more...
03-21-2008 No BS... $50 free real money for trying site deposit required.. rake requirement
I play on a site, and they recently came up with this promotion to try and attract new members. Anybody that we refer, we earn 60% of their profits at no cost to us at all! I even got my very own more...
03-21-2008 Free Online Poker Games
I play on a site, and they recently came up with this promotion to try and attract new members. Anybody that we refer, we earn 60% of their profits at no cost to us at all! I even got my very own more...
03-21-2008 Asking this question?
I play on a site, and they recently came up with this promotion to try and attract new members. Anybody that we refer, we earn 60% of their profits at no cost to us at all! I even got my very ow more...
03-14-2008 help please
texas holdem || forgot about the colors table: 10,10,5,5,4 player1: 7,6 player2: 7,6 player3: 3,3 who win?
03-13-2008 Help
Rummy games has one of the biggest card games and Knock Rummy is member of the family. Knock rummy is almost similar to the other members. But has certain differences. This makes it different from the more...
03-12-2008 Best Ipoker deal
Everyone know that Ipoker do not offer rakeback, but after I have try all the rooms on this network I finally find a great room whit the best bonus release % and reload bonus and great promotions. more...
03-12-2008 kids making money online
He was one of those who create history. This sought of things happens in decades. These things encourage those who want to try fortune but afraid from doing so as they think that there is a huge risk more...
03-12-2008 Free Online Poker Games
Free online games are for newbie what about professional. Does this site have some real money excitement?
03-12-2008 What can be the best offer to play poker?
Listen dude I have never tried my hand on this site so I can’t tell you about the authenticity of the site. But I can help you by suggesting the ways through which you can satisfy your self. First of more...
03-11-2008 Asking this question?
How do you win money at the casino? This question has been asked, perhaps since the beginning of time, and the answer is provided by many, while few know what they are talking about. The truth is, more...
03-11-2008 For all free buy-in
For all free buy-in I gone create a super tournament for all realplayermanager users no buy-in the prizes is going to be 30.000€ for the first ten. I get the agreement of realplayermanager, Lda. www more...
03-11-2008 Best sites for newbies
Best site for new ones are those which offers great bonus on deposits and have good rakeback percentage.
03-11-2008 Anyone play Razz?
Razz Poker is a game that many poker players love to hate. Part lowball, part 7 card stud, the goal is to make the best five-card low hand from the seven cards you are dealt. It is played with anywher more...
03-08-2008 No BS... $50 free real money for trying site deposit required.. rake requirement
Quote: Originally Posted by freerollguru Hi all. Just wanted to share this with my my fellow freeroll junkies. Here is about the best deal i have came a more...
03-08-2008 Anyone play Razz?
I've put up a new site to help poker players with this game--frustrating game to many. It's Feedback appreciated. Thanks.
03-07-2008 Help
I have a question regarding the game of rummy. I know there are too many games in rummy. But I have an eagerness to know what knock rummy is. Is there is any one out here who can help me it will be ve more...
03-07-2008 Favourite poker room ?
My favorite room is absolute poker.
03-07-2008 Best sites for newbies
There are so many site which are best in there own. Some are having good payouts some are having good customer support while some are having good bonuses and freerolls facility. There are so many feat more...
03-04-2008 Pockerduniya domain for sale
Hi, Website domain for sale! www [dot] pokerduniya [dot] com www [dot] mypokerguru [dot] com www [dot] myhostinghub [dot] com (fully working website) Interested parties contact us imdtly. more...
03-03-2008 free poker money to start your bankroll
You can get a free bankroll for poker at
03-01-2008 Pockerduniya
Hi, Website domain for sale! www [dot] pokerduniya [dot] com www [dot] mypokerguru [dot] com www [dot] myhostinghub [dot] com(fully working website) Interested parties contact us imdtly. E more...
02-25-2008 Looking for the help of some vets :)
Hi there guy and gals. I've just posted up a blog and made a few videos in the hopes of getting some of you vets out there to critique how I am playing. I'm still an amateur, so keep that in mind. more...
02-21-2008 free poker money to start your bankroll
they only gave me 1 dollar
02-21-2008 I wish I could put my hands on these $20k
I just heard on party’s big promo @ party poker using bonus code seatfree and I hope it is for real Wish me luck, I’ll surely need it... joe
02-20-2008 Deal
Have you heard of the movie "Deal"? I think it sounds great! Set against the world of high stakes poker, DEAL follows the story of Alex Stillman (Bret Harrison), a cocky hotshot card-play more...
02-20-2008 What can be the best offer to play poker?
Hi, Does any one have any feedback on Walker Poker? I have seen them offering some great deals. I just wanted to make sure the site is legit and safe; it seems good. I just wanted to make sure before more...
02-19-2008 WSOP Satellites
In case anyone wants a shot at one of the $14.000 packages that is offering ...they are running Satellites 24/7 and the tournaments are not overflowing with very skilled players so the more...
02-16-2008 Amazing 100% extra Price Money at!
Amazing 100% extra Price Money at! Amazing 100% extra Price Money at! A really great tournament now on Monday 18 Feb 19.00 at Texas Hold`em No Lim more...
02-15-2008 free poker money to start your bankroll
If anyone wants a free $10 visit and sign up, they pay to your paypal & moneybookers account e.t.c
02-14-2008 kids making money online
It was good news that we can earn more money by playing poker game. I never heard about this. Anyway thank you for the informations.
02-14-2008 say hello
Welcome to this wonderful forum. I am Bindu, new member of this site. I am from kerala, popularly known as God's own country. I am very happy to visit this site. Come on and enjoy by visiting this sit more...
02-12-2008 February Special Events
[/size]$100 FREEROLL TOURNAMENTS -- SATURDAYS AT 20:00 GMT The final table of these Tournaments will be invited to participate in our $1,000 Closing Party Invitational Freeroll on February 23 at 23:0 more...
02-09-2008 Favourite poker room ?
Well recently I searched there are almost more than 60 poker rooms who are catering to their users. Among them some are very strong poker room and has alot for the visitors. I have read some of the po more...
02-07-2008 Best sites for newbies
If you have just begun playing I will suggest a site I have been trying for the last six months and so far I have no complaints....TIGERGAMING.COM is really good to begin playing because it has free r more...
02-06-2008 Side POT Dispute
Can someone settle this argument!!! Scenario Preflop blinds 500/1000 Player one all ins 400 chips Player two (500SB) calls 500 to match blind Player Three (1000BB) Checks This creates tw more...
01-23-2008 Best sites for newbies
Yeah full tilt is really a good place to play poker and one of the most popular too.
01-21-2008 poker poser
if you had J10 then your best hand is AAAJJ and he had 109 which means his best hand is AAA1010 which means that you won the pot.
01-21-2008 Brainstorming for new poker site need your ideas!
I am opening up a new poker room online within the next 6 months to a year ( development has just started). It will be designed from the ground up and I am looking for input from regular online player more...
01-04-2008 Best sites for newbies
I would have to recommend Full Tilt Poker. They have plenty of players and i have never had a problem cashing out. Also depends where you live. Non US players should check out Titan Poker.. See the bo more...
01-01-2008 Wingows cashout resolutions working
Hi Everyone, Just to let all players know that wingows has just about overcome the bad hand they was dealt by the DGN network, Wingows refused to fold and let the players suffer, Tho so many cashou more...
12-29-2007 poker poser
A split pot is correct. The extra card in your hand would only be used as the kicker if the hand was less then 5 cards. You both have a full house which is a 5 card hand.
12-24-2007 poker poser
hi guys/gals. new to site new to poker hope someone can help me .we started a poker night at our local club,one night six players.flop was J,10,A,A,A,all folded except george and me both went all in, more...
12-20-2007 $500 every friday at 8 pm EST with NO RESTRICTIONS
At pokerhost
12-14-2007 A new and different online poker alternative
Hi poker fans, I like to share an online poker page I recently discover, if you understand the poker community and like to be updated with all news, you probably will find interesting things. Th more...
12-13-2007 EPT Prague - Live!
We're at this moment in Prague, European Poker Tour in Hilton hotel. And right now we're documenting the entire event just for you! You can watch this exclusive videos on:
12-11-2007 Favourite poker room ?
hi all ust interested to know what everyones favourite poker room is, and why they like them. And maybe the ones you dont like Any new sites that you fancy trying but havent got round to yet ? ch more...
12-10-2007 No BS... $50 free real money for trying site deposit required.. rake requirement
hi, ive made my account but they said : " Sherlyn: This promotion code is only valid for a particular player. The player's first and last name will be used for verification during redemption. If more...
12-05-2007 No BS... $50 free real money for trying site deposit required.. rake requirement
Hi all. Just wanted to share this with my my fellow freeroll junkies. Here is about the best deal i have came across. At they will give you $50 free real money just to download and try t more...
12-04-2007 Making easy money with poker.
This is the way how you can make money with poker even if you can`t even play poker I have been using this for month now and already got xbox 360 and some cash for next poker room. And only completed more...
12-04-2007 Best sites for newbies
I also want to know...
11-30-2007 Top Rated Poker Room Promotions
Top Rated Sportbook, Casino and Poker Room 40% FREE Here is a sample of some of the promotions always running at 20% Sign Up Bonus on your first deposit Half Juice Wednesdays more...
11-29-2007 Best sites for newbies
Which are the best online sites to play poker?
11-23-2007 EPT Caribbean Poker Adventure
Do you consider yourself a good poker player with natural skills, who never has the opportunity to prove your natural talent? Don’t you worry; this is your chance to become a recognized poker player, more...
11-16-2007 Poker HELPer, HELP me!!!
Hi everyone! Im looking for good pokersites where to play freerolls! Please tell me wich ones are the best for you guys? And wich ones are the worst ones,those that i should not go to? I appreciate more...
11-10-2007 A new star is comming - 500 000 Euro Tourney for ONLY 55 Euro buyin
I would like to share with u some info about a new site that soon will launch. Please send me an e-mail at [email protected] if you wanna be among the first to tell about this site to friends more...
11-10-2007 Free Online Poker Games
Online poker games are the best way to get unmatched pleasure and fun from the corners of your home and office. This complete full entertainment and enjoyment activity brings you the pure fun of playi more...
11-10-2007 €30,000 In Freerolls, Experience Poker Absolutely FREE
PLAY POKER FOR FREE €30,000 In Freerolls, Experience Poker Absolutely FREE
11-09-2007 Unique pacific rakeback chance, which is the biggest poker portal in Finland (you can find Ziigmunds, Lars Luzak's and Juha Helppi's blogs there), is offering a 25% loyalty bonus (I think everyone knows what this re more...
11-08-2007 Texas Poker Wisdom, a novel, by Johnny Hughes
Texas Poker Wisdom, a novel, by Johnny Hughes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My novel, Texas Poker Wisdom, has just been released. I promise yo more...
11-05-2007 Poker on Spanish TV!
HEy all BAsicly im moving to spain in a couple of weeks and wanted to know if any channels show poker in spain. Ive been trying to read up but cant actually find any. If anyone would give a list o more...
10-29-2007 Article About Legislation Pertaining To Poker
This is a great article pertaining to online poker
10-28-2007 Special Tourney $150.000
“Its XMAS in October Jhave spotted a massive value tourney on betfair poker.. so far registered with a $525+25 buyin 142 Player out of 300 required to cover!! Can’t see the tourney filling up at all a more...
10-28-2007 BF Special $150.000 No Limit Hold’em Tournament on Sunday 28th October @19:30 CET
Its XMAS in October J have spotted a massive value tourney on betfair poker.. so far registered with a $525+25 buyin 152 Player out of 300 required to cover!! Can’t see the tourney filling up at all a more...
10-27-2007 £500.000 Tourney
“Its XMAS in October have spotted a massive value tourney on betfair poker.. so far registered with a $525+25 buyin 142 Player out of 300 required to cover!! Can’t see the tourney filling up at all a more...
10-21-2007 Tourney Question
I played a home game recently and this situation came up. Player1(Dealer) Player2(SB) Player3(BB) Player1 raises, Player2 folds, Player3 goes all in and Player1 calls eliminating Player3 the big bli more...
10-21-2007 €100,000 Guaranteed Every Sunday at 19:00 GMT
Hot just got even Hotter… this one is off the scale! We’ve fired things up, to bring you our most incredible cash give-away ever! Our scorching €100,000 Guaranteed Tournament will prove if you more...
10-18-2007 Add-on Software Poker Helpers
I found some great info on all the add-ons out there:
10-17-2007 Worst beat I ever took.
Okay, this might sound crazy but I can't let it go. I was playing in the Million Dollar Tourny on party poker about 4 years ago. I won a $6 sat to get to a $60 sat which I won to get an entry into the more...
10-17-2007 free poker money / bankroll no deposit needed
visit www . / foxboi . com for free poker money no deposit needed no credit card needed ! lots of free money from great sites like party poker full tilt pitbull poker titan poker cd poker more...
10-16-2007 20+2 sng video Great video by John Anhalt.
10-16-2007 Era of US Friendly Poker Is On the Way - 'Self Service Poker"
Era of US Freindly POKER ,creating the revolution in the Poker Industry ,by introducing the the Group Concept , details are Publised in the website .But Here the company CEO wants to announch the fu more...
10-13-2007 hand history converter A hand history converter is used to convert raw hand histories into a more readable much better format. Our converter supports Absolute, Bodog, Cryt more...
10-12-2007 Celebpoker Offers YOU More! would like to exclusively invite you to experience the best online poker on the net absolutely FREE! Up to €2,000,000 every month is up for grabs in our daily, weekly and monthly gu more...
10-10-2007 Poker Promotions - Little Help?
[email protected] - Thanks.
10-09-2007 Poker Promotions - Little Help?
i have an idea for you...what is your email bd
10-09-2007 Moneybookers question?
Well first off--what poker site is it? I have never even heard of moneybookers until now. I suggest Ewallet--and if you are unsure of a site to join, it's best to join one of the newer sites tha more...
Hey guys--I have been playing at for about a week and I love it, has a lot of different things over the currenty popular poker sites. It DOES allow U.S players--defintely check it o more...
10-09-2007 Phoney tournament ???
I have won a seat at a tournament in Barcelona through Carbon Poker, but when I contacted the 'Casino Barcelona' where the tournament is scheduled to take place, they had no idea who I was. Tried cont more...
10-08-2007 Moneybookers question?
Hi folks, I'm new to online poker. I would like to make my initial deposit but I just don't feel comfortable using my CC for depositing. I've got a friend who can wire me some money through Mone more...
10-05-2007 Secret Poker Webpage
Secret Poker Webpage. Go to Google and searh for "World Poker Clinic" Trust me, I is worth it.
10-04-2007 Poker Promotions - Little Help?
Hi, I currently work for a well know poker room and I am currently trying to think of some new promotions. These can range from new player bonuses to VIP bonuses I am basically after anything! So I more...
09-29-2007 Live for the flop
Yes I've been to LiveForTheFlop. New site, lots of fishes. Theres a open freeroll there today. Come Join WFP in a friendly freeroll Site:LiveForTheFlop Name:WFP Freeroll Date:Saturday S more...
09-26-2007 Homepoker Strategy - Playing Against Friends
3 days ago I was in a 6handed homepoker sit&go with my buddies. The blinds were 25-50 early stage 30m levels. Initial stack of 2000 chips. I considered them below-average players, except one. Th more...
09-13-2007 Live for the flop
I discover this place, is a great Online Poker site, it looks like to me an excellent place to play poker, they should visit it also they have very good promotions
09-12-2007 Get $500 Free
$500 REFER A FRIEND BONUS. A NEW GROUND BREAKING OFFER AT CELEBPOKER.COM Take advantage of CelebPoker's supreme generosity. Indeed, with the New '$500 Refer a Friend Bonus' .Tell your friends ab more...
09-06-2007 Poker Buddy Beta
I am going to post some general info here about PB if this is not the correct section of the forumn please let me know so that I can move the post. PokerBuddy is your premier Poker tool! Get detail more...
08-30-2007 The world’s most expensive online poker tourney....
Just qualified for this tournament through a satellite and I look very much forward to play in this tournament. The buy in to the final is 5000 Euro but it only cost me 60 Euro to get there The more...
08-28-2007 Cheat Software
I found this download hub page, if anyone is intrersted in some software cheats:,it has them all. cheers, HIram
08-27-2007 Poker Sharpener: New online poker tool!
www .PokerSharpener .com (with no spaces! ) You are invited to download and evaluate Poker Sharpener free of charge. Once your evaluation is over you can choose to purchase a license or get a free more...
08-26-2007 Poker tournament strategy guide
Hey, I wrote a guide for USA players to begin a bankroll with nothing starting with freerolls. I am a very good player and spent some time and thought into writing tournament strategy for my website. more...
08-23-2007 Just started: 3rd at a freeroll tournament
Hi Poker Fans, I had a great time at As a newbie I enrolled for one of their weekly Freeroll Poker Tournament the have on Sundays. I am new to Poker and guess what - I made it t more...
08-21-2007 Hello World
Hi, I am new to and just wanted to say "hi" to everyone. I am a poker player and frequent the East coast casinos. If you stop by, post a message so I'll know.
08-21-2007 Olympian Poker
My name is Bob Johnson and I have recently created on an online casino that accepts U.S players named ! I am looking for quality online poker players to test out our site and give u more...
08-18-2007 Refer A Friend to CelebPoker and get $500 FREE
If you enjoy playing poker at CelebPoker, don’t keep it a secret! Tell your friends about us and we’ll give you up to $500 to say thank you! What’s more, there’s no limit to how many friends you can r more...
08-13-2007 unveils Stunning New Affiliate Area
As part of its commitment to provide the highest standards of quality and service to the online poker community, CelebPoker has just unveiled a new, stylish affiliate section on its site... Th more...
08-10-2007 World Poker Clinic
Classes and training are starting online right now: WorldPokerClinic.comfor more info
08-10-2007 Grand Opening Freeroll - K9 Poker Room
We would like to invite the Members to our GRAND OPENING FREEROLL on Saturday August 11th @ 8:00 pm ET at This is a PRIVATE EVENT and password is provided below. Th more...
08-06-2007 Have your say in court on Dusk till Dawn
Dusk Till Dawn has its Magistrates' court hearing for a Nottingham Casino Licence on the 24th September 2007. Although the Club will be a dedicated poker only club (no blackjack, roulette etc), UK more...
08-03-2007 Player Wins $96,755 In WSOP Live Event - The Third Largest Live Poker
CelebPoker player, Cort Kibler-Melby, walked away from the recent 2007 WSOP Event in Las Vegas as the highest ranking European and nearly $100,000 richer….The Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, in Las Ve more...
07-28-2007 New Online Poker Site Promotion get $10 to register
Hi All, My name is Stephanie and I am the affiliate manager for a new online gaming site called We provide the best in Poker, Sportsbook and Casino games and offer awesome Promotion more...
07-26-2007 July's Player of the Month at
Our July Player of the Month goes to J Burland following his fantastic win in our recent $20,000 Guaranteed Tourney. In recognition of his outstanding achievement, Jamie has been presented with his un more...
07-15-2007 buy/sell chips on pokerstars
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07-15-2007 $100,000 Guaranteed Tonight Poker Tournament
$100,000 Guaranteed Weekly Poker Tournament Hotness : ****** Time : 19:00 GMT - Every Sunday This is the big one! The giant of all giant online poker tourneys! With a gargantuan prize of a more...
07-14-2007 say hello
Poker Manager is newly launched Poker Portal offers variety of free services and resources which are as follows: Live Tournament Listing Direct access inside PokerManager to almost 10 000 daily more...
07-13-2007 Team Celeb - Proves A Real Hit With The Ladies...
Poker is one of the fastest growing recreational hobbies among women worldwide and, if Team CelebPoker is anything to go by, they can play a bit aswell!! Recently released statistics suggest t more...
07-13-2007 Wu-tang Clan
Quote: Originally Posted by Casey3 HAHAHA and what you do then with them Good question..See if they wanna go get drunk?
07-13-2007 say hello
hey mate how are ya
07-13-2007 hey
Thanks man
07-12-2007 hey
Welcome to the site.
07-12-2007 hey
Hello i am new here and i dont have a view right now so sorry if i do something wrong.
07-12-2007 Wu-tang Clan
HAHAHA and what you do then with them
07-04-2007 MTT Bubble Decision
I was playing a $20 buy in 6- handed tournament online last night. Started with 215 players. Were down to 25 players with the top 24 making the money. I have about 22,000 in chips which puts me in 4th more...
07-02-2007 say hello
hello, I am new at this forum and new to poker in general and hope joining this forum will help me learn poker faster. thank you
06-25-2007 "Boston Rob" Mariano in the WSP?!
He can try but he will never be as cute as Ben. . . I remeber when he was on that show and I can't remember who but some pro was trying to teach him and he would not listen to the advice, he has too b more...
06-19-2007 "Boston Rob" Mariano in the WSP?!
Has anyone heard that Boston Rob from Survivior and Amazing Race will be playing in this year's world series of poker? Is he trying to be Ben Affleck?
06-16-2007 Do people really cheat like this???
I've never really thought of anyone cheating at a home game. It seems like you would need to be very good at a bunch of trick skills to get away with it. I saw this video though and it really got me w more...
06-16-2007 CelebPoker Looks To Sweden For Its Next Poker Star…
CelebPoker Looks To Sweden For Its Next Poker Star… Sweden’s valued online poker playing community will now be able to take advantage of the world’s leading celebrity poker room, as CelebPoker anno more...
06-16-2007 Poker Sharks is back
Hi all, I know a few of you guys used to play Poker Sharks a while back so thought i'd pop over and just let you know a new season has started if any of you fancy coming back. The main critercis more...
06-07-2007 Set of fives
On the turn would you have raised like i did or just call ? Full Tilt Poker Game #2605047065: Table Cactus (6 max) - $5/$10 - Limit Hold'em - 15:46:37 ET - 2007/06/07 Seat 1: princeofpeace88 ($5 more...
06-02-2007 Freeroll Qualifiers for Team CelebPoker starts today
Day Time Type Information Daily 13:00 NL Texas Holdem Top 20 players proceed to weekly qualifier Daily 18:30 NL Texas Holdem Top 20 players proceed to weekly qualifier Saturday 18:00 NL Texas Ho more...
05-22-2007 PAID Game Designer and Game Consultant Positions Available- Texas Hold'Em Poker
Gameloft, a leading international publisher and developer of video games for mobile phones, is seeking game designers or consultants for a new Texas Hold'em Poker game. Requirements: • Must be a more...
05-17-2007 who wins?
You both have a pair of kings but he has a higher kicker "5" so he wins. One exception would be: Board : A,J,10,8,K You : K,4 Opponent : K,5 Now the kicker doesn't come into pla more...
05-17-2007 is looking for Team Players
Team Celebpoker We are looking for poker pro's to be part of 'Team Celebpoker'. The team will represent Celebpoker at various European poker events with sponsorship deals for all members. Further i more...
05-17-2007 who wins?
Hi all, who wins in the next situation? the river is: spades Ace, Q, 2 , clubs J and hearts K I have spades K and diamonds 4 the other player has clubs K and diamonds 5 Does the sidekick counts a more...
05-16-2007 Please Help Me Out
email [email protected]
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05-15-2007 Poker Chip Tricks DVD on ebay
My Poker Chip Tricks website has been dismantled, and my instructional DVD on a colorful collection of fancy moves with poker chips…and cards, are now being sold on ebay. The chip tricks on the DV more...
05-14-2007 $50,000 betdirect poker Freeroll
Two thumbs up to betdirect poker for their efforts!
05-07-2007 Wu-tang Clan
at they are giving away a trip to spain to hang out with the Wu-Tang Clan.
05-05-2007 No-deposit free bankroll!!
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05-04-2007 Poker Stars Tourney With $100 Bounty
Currently there are no planned tournaments but hopefully sometime next week i will try again. The reason i havent started another one is cause last time no one showed up. What time of day works best f more...
05-04-2007 Poker Stars Tourney With $100 Bounty
when is the next tourn??
05-03-2007 Poker Stars Tourney With $100 Bounty
will be there
05-02-2007 New Poker Site Accepting US Players
hey, i found a new poker site accepting US players, there is a 100k gntd every sunday only a $55 buy in and only around 500-700 players! email me at [email protected] for links and more info! thank more...
05-02-2007 Action Jack Invites You To Turn Pro At Dtdpoker
ACTION JACK INVITES YOU TO TURN PRO AT DTDPOKER Dusk till Dawn Europe’s premier live and on-line poker experience is looking for skilled poker players to join its trader scheme. Those who are inter more...
05-01-2007 Looking for more US friendly sites and...
Hey I'm wickedtwizt and I play at mostly and pitbullpoker. They do take US players and have regular freerolls both on the network and through our forum on (ozypoker). It is a small volume more...
04-29-2007 Easy Money...
04-27-2007 Easy Money...
What site are you spamming?
04-25-2007 Please Help Me Out
hello poker players, your going to hate me for this but i feel like i need to do this anyway since i dont see any other way. Can someone please transfer between 2-5$ to my more...

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