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Old 07-26-2007, 08:55 AM
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July's Player of the Month at

Our July Player of the Month goes to J Burland following his fantastic win in our recent $20,000 Guaranteed Tourney. In recognition of his outstanding achievement, Jamie has been presented with his unique Celebrity Star and is enjoying VIP membership at CelebPoker. He is also now looking forward to taking his place at the table for the $5000 VIP freeroll tournament on 15th July. Keep an eye out for him on tables…

We caught up with Jamie and asked him to give us a ‘heads up’ on his recent win…

Name: Jamie Burland
Age: 22
Hometown: Sidcup, Greater London, United Kingdom
Job: Information Technology Sales

CelebPoker (CP): What do you like to do with your free time? What are your hobbies and interests, other than poker?
Jamie Burland (JB): I record a weekly podcast with two friends, Andy Bladon and
Tom Wilkinson, called the Get Loaded Podcast. Other than that I love poetry,
a glass of Scotch and, of course, my dog Baxter!

CP: How long have you been playing poker?
JB: I’ve been playing cards for about 3 years. I got into it when my friend, Ollie Noonan, suggested having a go at a £10 re-buy tourney at the Brighton Grosvenor Casino. He made the final table and hit a Royal Flush on our first night. I was rubbish! I think I hit the rail during the re-buy period!

CP: And how long have you been playing poker online?
JB: Probably about the same length of time. I was basically trying to find a way of making money when I was at University without having to work! For a long time I played mainly cash limit games and tourneys.

CP: How do you find online play compared to the live games?
JB: I like playing live poker because I enjoy the interaction with other players and, although I’m normally fairly quiet, some of the rubbish that people talk about on the tables can be quite amusing. However, my record is better online. I have had some nice tourney wins online and can turn over a regular profit on the cash tables.

CP: How many hours a week do you play?
JB: Before I got my current job I would be playing poker for 5 to 10 hours a day. Nowadays, it’s more like a few hours when I get home from the office with a bit more play at the weekend.

CP: Where did you learn how to play?
JB: The Grosvenor Casino in Brighton. It can be an expensive game to learn but, luckily, I learnt quickly from old pro’s like Steve Bubley and Dave "Ace-King or better" Battler. Heroes!

CP: Are there any books, or resources, that have helped you learn and
develop as a player?
JB: I have read the books by Dan Harrington, which are very good, but my favourite piece of poker literature is The Education of a Poker Player by Herbert O Yardley. You can read it in a day and will learn more about reading players, and understanding actions, than Mike Caro could teach you in a year!

CP: What is your favourite poker game?
JB: No Limit Texas Holdem. It’s the daddy! It’s what they show on TV and it’s the game that has won me the most money! I do like Stud and Omaha too but I am distinctly average at these games. With Holdem, I am confident about my edge.

CP: Have you a favourite poker player?
JB: I don’t know about a favourite but I think Phil Hellmuth is great. I love some of the chat he comes out with… "This guy cant even spell poker", "I can dodge bullets
baby". Pure gold! Actually Negreanu is probably my favourite player. When that guy is running good, he is the best tournament and cash player around.

CP: What is your biggest accomplishment inside, and outside, of poker?
JB: I once busted the editor of Poker Player magazine (Dave Woods) on
a final table in Brighton. He neglected to mention the hand when he wrote the article about the tournament though! In the real world I guess my greatest accomplishment is teaching myself the guitar. I am awesome! There's nothing better for getting over a bad beat than kicking back and strumming away to some Snow Patrol.

CP: What goals do you have as a poker player?
JB: This year is all about building my bankroll and getting to the next level. I am under less pressure as a player now because I am working too. My quality of life is not entirely dependant on the next nasty river card!

CP: What limits and games do you typically play?
JB: In cash I‘m playing $1/$2 and I generally play $10-$50 MTT’s and $30-$50 STT’s.

CP: How would you describe your style of play?
JB: I have loosened up a lot recently following advice from my friend, Ben Meredith, who has recently turned pro. His play is aggressive (bordering on reckless!) whereas mine is far more calculated. I like to make good decisions as often as possible

CP: What are your strengths as a player?
JB: I have a cool head, which is very important. In live play you have players ‘whooping and hollering’ at the turn of a card but I am very much of the mantra... "If it's in there, it can come". To me, tilt is a phrase from a pinball machine.

CP: Have you any weaknesses (that you are willing to admit!)?
JB: I used to drink while playing cards. This became a major leak at one stage so, between us (the old crew from Brighton), I think we all learned that booze and cards
don’t mix. However, I’d like to point out, to any of the fans of my podcast who might be reading, that I do love getting loaded… just not on a card table!

CP: Do you play poker for the money, entertainment or for the challenge?
JB: I enjoy playing the game and there is nothing more satisfying than coming first in a competition. However, the money probably means less to me than knowing that I can beat most players I come across. That’s a pretty cool, and satisfying, feeling I guess!

CP: What advice would you give to new players?
JB: Poker is an expensive game to learn… fact! Nobody becomes good overnight but I believe that, with practice, most people can get to a good standard. Don’t play outside limits you can afford’ and never let the money you have on the table be the money that also pays your bills.

CP: Tell us a little bit about your recent win at CelebPoker. How did you feel before the $20k Guaranteed Tourney started?
JB: I literally got back from work, saw the tourney listed and registered with about two minutes left on the clock! I always feel like I have a pretty good chance.

CP: Tell me about how the tourney went?
JB: I got dealt KK the second hand in and was beaten by some guy with AA… I thought it was just going to be one of those days. Got out of the re-buy stage with only 5k but doubled this up early. Then managed to maintain a comfortable stack size for the rest of the comp.

CP: Tell me in detail about some of the keys hands that you remember, or big
decisions, you had to make…
JB: On the final table it became apparent that two players were just happy to almost sit out and move up the ladder so these were easy to bully. I had been getting my blind stolen by one player with twenty to go. However, I re-popped him when he made it 60k and I pushed all in with AJ. He said ‘good bet’ and showed AQ. Heads up felt good because the other player had 2-1 chip lead on me.
The final hand went like this… I’m in the big blind with KK and our hero made it 90k. I flat call. Flop 4-4-3. He pushes all in and I didn’t take too long in calling. He shows down the Q7 and needs an absolute miracle that didn’t come.

CP: Can you see yourself playing in major live events in the future?
JB: Yes, most definitely. It is one of my ambitions to qualify for the main event at the
WSOP. Saying that, the EPT has some tasty events these days that are a lot closer to home.

CP: What do you plan on doing with your winnings?
JB: I am planning on moving closer into London soon so the money will help for that. Other than that, I plan to buy a suit, so fine, that it would make Sinatra look like a hobo!

CP: Where do you see yourself in ten years time? Do you see yourself still playing poker, perhaps professionally, or doing something else?
JB: I love playing cards but I am hopeful that the podcast will take off. We are really hoping someone from the BBC hears it and gives us a slot on Radio 2 or something! Actually, If I could take this opportunity to shamelessly plug it…. the Get Loaded Podcast can be downloaded free from iTunes on

Author : Jim Thompson
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