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Old 07-04-2007, 05:35 AM
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MTT Bubble Decision

I was playing a $20 buy in 6- handed tournament online last night. Started with 215 players. Were down to 25 players with the top 24 making the money. I have about 22,000 in chips which puts me in 4th place. The first place player is sitting on my right with 27,000 in chips. Blinds I think were 250/500 or 300/600

I get dealt AQ of spades in the small blind. It is folded around to the button who is the chip leader. He makes it 3xBB(either 1500 or 1800). I've been at his table for most of the tournament and haven't seen him make a play at the blinds too much.

I call the raise and the flop comes A33 rainbow. I check in this spot figuring either I'm a big dog or a big favorite but no real way he can have a hand that has a good chance to draw out. He makes a bet of 2,500. I raise it to 6,500. He pushes back all in for all of my chips.

At this spot there are really only 3 spots where he can have me beat.
3)Some garbage hand where he just hoped to steal the blinds and raised preflop with a 3

Also that factors in if I loose I'm out on the bubble. If I win this hand I will be tourny chip leader with 44,000 in chips and second place will have 25,000. If I fold I will ave 14,000 in chips which is about an average stack.

What would everyone do here? And was there anything I could have done better in this hand that might have avoided the situation?
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Old 04-29-2008, 12:20 AM
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wow, i registered long ago and never got an answer to my post
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